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Cabrillo National Monument Foundation (CNMF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and an essential partner to the National Park Service (NPS) providing support to Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego’s only National Park.

Our mission is to fund and support the interpretive, cultural, historical, scientific and educational programs and activities at Cabrillo National Monument.

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Since 1956, CNMF remains one of several National Park Service Cooperating Associations that enhance the visitor experience at National Parks. As a Cooperating Association, we support the NPS educational, scientific, historical, and interpretive activities through retail sales of educational products and gifts.

Park Store, located inside the Visitor Center at Cabrillo National Monument, and online, offers wonderful educational resources for you to bring home along with gift items that share your park experience with others. CNMF has published several award-winning books on historic and scientific topics relating to the Monument, which are sold and distributed throughout San Diego County for educational purposes. Through the Cabrillo Store, we are honored to make such a significant contribution to the visitor experience and to the Park.

In addition to retail sales, Cooperating Associations work closely with Park management to define roles of our partnership and create mission alignment. We accomplish this through guidance from NPS Director’s Order 32 and an Annual Work Plan to identify how the use of CNMF funds (a.k.a. Aid-to-Park) will be used to support the interpretation, education, and research activities for a specific year. Cooperating Associations may also enter into separate philanthropic agreements with NPS.

As Cabrillo National Monument’s Philanthropic Partner, we work closely with Park management to identify the philanthropic activities that will address the specific needs of the Park. Philanthropic activities include retail sales, volunteer support, in-kind donations, pro bono expertise, and/or fundraising. Through these activities, the philanthropic partner advocates for the Park and helps to develop connections that create National Park stewards.

CNMF has many supporters and Partners that have a true connection to Cabrillo National Monument. Most of our supporters are repeat visitors who volunteer, grew up with memories of visiting the Park, have an incredible passion for National Parks, or it is “the” place they always bring their visiting family and friends. If you can relate and want to ensure Cabrillo National Monument’s cultural, historical, and natural resources are here for generations, then we hope you will Join Us.

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2021-2022 CNMF Accomplishments

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