Advocates, cabrillo national monument foundationAs a National Park Service Cooperating Association, CNMF advocates on behalf of Cabrillo National Monument by:



1. Promoting the Park to local, regional, national, and global tourism markets

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San Diego is a world-class tourist destination with countless attractions for travelers to enjoy. The Foundation advocates on behalf of the Cabrillo National Monument by advertising and promoting the park in various tourism markets. We want visitors to include the region’s only National Park, Cabrillo National Monument, in their travel plans. Advocacy efforts are in partnership with the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, and San Diego Tourism Authority.




2. Bringing the Park to the People/Bringing the People to the Park

Cabrillo Community Outreach Initiative, Cabrillo National Monument Foundation
Have you seen the Outreach Vehicle around town? If so, take a picture and tag us @cnmfoundation on social media!

There are local San Diego communities and San Diego County school districts that do not have access to the Park or need assistance with transportation costs to visit Cabrillo National Monument.  The Cabrillo Community Outreach Initiative and our partnership with the National Park Foundation helps to solve this critical issue.