Naturally Speaking Virtual Talk: “Successful Pollination – Factors that Influence the Plants and Pollinators of Coastal Southern and Baja California”

When:  Monday, September 20th at 6:30 PM Where: Online Who: Dr. Sula Vanderplank – botanist and conservationist Audience: All are welcome!   Program Description We all know that many plants need pollinators to propagate, but what happens when plants and their pollinators are Read More »

A smiling man wearing a baseball cap, brown jacket, and backpack stands in a grassy meadow dotted with yellow flowers with the ocean in the distance.

Naturally Speaking Virtual Talk: “North American Rocky Intertidal Zones (Tidepools) – A Diverse Community in Flux”

When: Wednesday, June 9th 6:30 PM Pacific time – 7:30 PM Pacific time Where: Cabrillo National Monument Foundation’s Zoom Who: Stephen Whitaker – marine ecologist at Channel Islands National Park How: Register Audience: All are welcome! Pollinatorpalooza continues with a Read More »

A smiling woman wears a lit headlamp, a plaid shirt, and white gloves while she holds a golden-brown bat with an outstretched wing. The image is overlaid over a background of a plant with dark green, vertically-orientated leaves with yellow, serrated edges.

Naturally Speaking Virtual Talk: “Agaves and Bats – A Plant-Pollinator Love Story”

“Agaves and Bats – A Plant-Pollinator Love Story” When: Thursday, March 18th 6:30 PM PST – 7:30 PM PST Where: Zoom link will be sent before the event to those who register Who: Dr. Kristen Lear – bat conservationist, NatGeo Explorer, IF/THEN Read More »