Pelecanus: Conservation Conversations

Speaker: Austin Parker Synopsis: Have you ever noticed that most of the news reflects on the bad? Especially when it comes to our environment. That’s where we come in. Pelecanus: Conservation Conversationsis a podcast and website focused on sharing the stories Read More

What’s the Buzz: Native Pollinators of San Diego

This talk is open to the public. Speaker: Annika Nabors Synopsis: Living in the (landscape) Matrix: plant-pollinator relationships in southern California: As development intensifies in southern California, native habitats grow increasingly scarce and fragmented, and non-native cultivated plants become big Read More

A Species on the Edge: Shaw’s Agave

Speaker: Ranger Adam Taylor Synopsis: Shaw’s agave (Agave shawii) is a species of concern that is literally and figuratively living on the edge. It is found along the Southern California and Baja coastline often on crumbling cliff sides. Scattered across Cabrillo Read More

San Diego Wildlife, Climate Change, and You!

This talk is open to the public. Speaker: Alexandria Warneke Synopsis: Our climate is changing. We see the effects of this on a global scale- devastating storms, rising seas, ravaging wildfires. However, how does the changing climate affect us and our Read More