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Geologic History: Partick Abbott, PhD, and Thomas
Rockwell, Phd – Climate and Oceanography: Reinhard Flick, PhD – Nearshore Environments: Bonnie Becker, PhD, Mia Teger, PhD, Paul Dayton, PhD – Plant Communities: Kathryn McEachern, PhD – Animals: Robert Fisher, PhD – History of Human Impacts/Monitoring and Management: Samantha Weber, MA

An easy-to-read overview of the coastal sage scrub ecosystem and nearshore marine environment of the Point Loma peninsula. The authors, who are experts in their fields, describe the ecosystems, the biodiversity of the plant and animal communities, and the interdependence of the populations of those communities. Throughout the book, the importance of preserving these precious and diminishing resources is stressed. Well illustrated, this book is a “must read” for everyone interested in the facinating and rare resources of Point Loma.

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