Doris Shipkosky_Tribute Page

In the late 1960’s my mom (Doris Shipkosky) introduced my brother and sisters and I to the amazing, magical world of Cabrillo National Park. She would pack up a picnic lunch and take the four of us there to explore and marvel at the incredible “discoveries” we would make. We would spend hours gazing from the top lookout, scanning for whale spouts, and down below climbing over slippery rocks, hunting for the hidden treasures revealed at low tide. We would peer through the holes in the chain link fence trying to get a glimpse of the water tanks containing dolphin and pilot whales, each of us trying to imagine why they were there and what daring missions they had been on. We learned so many life lessons over the years: nature is to be valued, respected and treasured; don’t take what doesn’t belong to you no matter how shiny and pretty it is; it’s ok if your feet get wet; don’t run on slippery rocks; nothing smells better than the sun and salty air; things change- even rocks and cliffs. We all grew up, had families, and together with Grandma brought up the next generation learning to love Cabrillo as we have. Cabrillo, for us, has become a family tradition that we expect will continue on indefinitely. In 2015 Doris was diagnosed and lost her battle with cancer. To the day she passed, Cabrillo remained one of her favorite places to visit and explore. Her very last meal was, in fact, a picnic lunch sitting on one of the benches at Cabrillo overlooking the ocean and tide pools below. Doris was also part of the Body Donation Program at UCSD. After the young medical students have learned all they can from their donors, the cremains are scattered at sea, within view of Point Loma. We were so happy to learn that her last earthly ties were so close to the place she loved. Throughout the years, and especially on Memorial Day weekend (which is also her birthday), our family visits Cabrillo to revisit old memories and make new ones.

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