Help make the future “Ocean View” Trail a reality

This is more than a new trail.
This is one of those moments.
– A moment that will impact generations.
– A moment that will change how visitors recreate at Cabrillo National Monument.
This is your moment.


Over the years, Park visitors have expressed a desire to safely walk from the upper area of the Park to the tidepool area in the lower area of the Park. Hiking to the tidepools is of particular interest during low tides when there is often no available parking in the tidepool area. No available parking increases congestion which results in closing vehicle access to the tidepool area.

The Park’s long-term plan includes construction of a trail (referred to in this presentation as the “Ocean View” Trail) from the upper area of the Park to the tidepool area. The Park has completed the environmental reviews, studies, public opinion surveys, approvals, etc. required by the National Park Service to construct a new trail. In order for new projects to be initiated by the National Park Service, the Park must address all deferred maintenance first.

Due to the community’s expressed interest and desire for a new trail, Cabrillo National Monument Foundation approached Park leadership to determine how to make the “Ocean View” trail a reality sooner rather than later.

Request for Funding + Timing

CNMF is seeking $150,000 of the $250,000 total to construct the “Ocean View” trail from the upper Park down to the tidepool area. The Park requires one-year lead time to schedule construction crews. In consideration of this timing, CNMF is attempting to secure $150,000 by September 2022 for construction to begin October 2023. Construction is estimated to take 6 months.

This is more than a new trail. There are health, safety and access, education, preservation and protection benefits to its creation.

Health – Many visitors and local community members hike to improve their health. The “Ocean View” Trail would provide additional hiking opportunities and safe pedestrian access and use in this amazing urban National Park.

Safety & Access – Currently, the only safe way to access the tidepools is by vehicle. When the tidepool parking lots are full, particularly at low tide, many visitors are unable to access and enjoy this natural and beautiful treasure. Many visitors walk from the upper Park area down the road to the tidepools. The road has a steep gradient, no shoulder and no sidewalk.

The “Ocean View” Trail will create a safe pathway for pedestrians to hike and access the tidepool area. Switchbacks will lessen the elevation gradient and benches will be installed for visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the new Point Loma Lighthouse, the tidepools, and the ocean. In the winter, the trail will provide additional vantage point for viewing the annual grey whale migration to lagoons in Mexico.

Education – Thousands of school children each year, many from underserved communities, are bussed to the Park. The “Ocean View” Trail will provide additional interpretive and educational opportunities for youth to learn about the Park’s natural, historical, and cultural resources.

For self-guided visitors, the “Ocean View” trail will have wayside interpretive signs offered in braille, English, and Spanish. Additional educational opportunities offered at the Park will further spark creativity, interest in nature and science, and inspire the next generation of Park stewards.

CNMF funds Park education programs and accessibility improvements around the Park, visit “What We Fund” above to learn more about these impactful and enriching opportunities.

Preservation & Protection – The “Ocean View” Trail will guide visitors on the specified pathway. This will protect and preserve the natural resources in the Park including endangered species such as Orcutt’s Spineflower, the California gnatcatcher, and the native landscape.

Social trails made by visitors are detrimental to the mission and beauty of the Park. With generous funding from the National Park Foundation Service Corps Grant, California Conservation Corps has already restored .51 acres of habitat required before construction of the “Ocean View” Trail.

Donor Recognition

A donor recognition plan is currently being considered for the future “Ocean View” Trail. CNMF and the NPS are required to follow philanthropic guidelines stated in Directors Order #21 which can be found at

Additional Resources & Information

National Park Service
Cabrillo National Monument
Trail Management Plan and Environmental Assessment
September 2019 | Available upon request to

Cabrillo National Monument Foundation

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